Milan Fashion Week for Spring-Summer 2017 has just closed with hints of changes and creativity. It’s been a reinvention of trends, but always focused on pragmatism and stability, the same old commercial way of Milan.
Big houses are evolving their myth, with new designers and contemporary approach.
Take Gucci, for instance. Since the young Alessandro Michele took the helm, there’s been an utter change of style, like vintage very well edited, and a strong call for animals feature and signs. This collection is a lysergic glamour, with a gothic and noir allure. Graphic designs made by the artist Jayde Fish, well known on Instagram. Oriental brocades and punk prints, with a lot of signs like hollywood, cemetery or future. It’s a valley of the dolls, made out of passion, strongness, colors and desire.
Miuccia Prada is always open to contradiction, finding a contemporary way for a wrong, elegant style. It’s a trick, in which she links the ugly to the beautiful. Look at the outfit of upcoming local supermodel Mayowa Nicholas: a boyfriend V-neck checked sweater on a silk printed shirt, a yellow skirt with long burst and feathers, a vintage necklace with a big buckle.
That is the perfect new ugly chic, technical fabrics along precious embroideries, jerseys along tweeds and the return of nylon bags. An old elegance.
Awesome opulence at Fendi. Where Karl Lagerfeld mixed hyperdecor with easy accessories like the strap you bags. Jogging pants and shirt dresses, big skirts with small tops. Flowers in 3D from Imperial-era inspiration and brocades. Lines all over. A collection that perfectly celebrates Fendi 90th anniversary.
Jersey is the password at Pucci. Where the young designer Massimo Giorgetti is attracting new, cool customers giving creative energy to the historical brand from Florence. He’s experimenting the jersey, with cascades in lime yellow, red and tourquoise. Tribal graphism in black and white and the prints from the archive of Emilio Pucci.